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Duke of Edinburgh Meal Ideas

Duke of Edinburgh Meal Ideas Breakfast The most important meal of the day, and definitely not optional when tramping! Porridge The tramping … [Read More...]

Who has a bucket list??

If you do, I've got something you should add to it. If you don't, this is a really good reason to start one!!How many of you have at some stage set … [Read More...]


Becoming familiar with your outdoors gear

Hello DoEers!! I'm about to head into the wilderness for almost 3 weeks which has provided me with some inspiration for this weeks blog..make sure … [Read More...]

127 hours

Safety Tip: Always tell someone your intentions

This week's blog is a tip on keeping yourself and others safe in the outdoors... Whether you are going for a casual stroll along the beach, a day … [Read More...]

Welcome to D of E Blog

D of E Blog Welcome everyone to the D of E Blog. From here you will discover what we are up to as well as receive lots of tips tricks and advice … [Read More...]

Teams in the contemporary Workplace

Teams in the Contemporary Workplace As companies restructure, downsize, and reinvent themselves, the new roles being created tend to be … [Read More...]

Team Building: Leadership Strategies

Addressing Today's Most Common Team Building Problems Here are three things that get in the way of building strong teams, along with suggested … [Read More...]